It is worth considering jumbo refill kit for your inkjet cartridge. The main benefit of using jumbo refill kit is that they are highly affordable. Second major benefit is environmental friendly too. Usually people throw out the cartridges once they are empty or used completely. Best idea is to choose refilling aids given by ProDot for laser, inkjet and DMP cartridges.

Refiling cartridge process was not so much popular and successful in past days. Initially, manufacturers were selling “universal refill kits??? that can be used almost with all printer brands but these were not compatible according to requirement of a specified brand or model. This was the reason for failure of “universal refill kits???.

After a good research, manufacturers like ProDot think of designing refilling kits compatible with particular brand and printer model. These kits were highly successful and demanding too. The major advantage is their quality that is almost similar to OEMs.

These jumbo refill kits are available in different grade of ink and sizes too. They are available in black color and other colors too. To know more on to our products, you can contact our expert team or place your order right away.